Re: Patches to review

>  >  This is an old horse but I once created a patch to open new files in
>  >  tabs of existing meld instances, using dbus of all things.
>  >
>  >  One of the original posts is here
>  >
>  >  and the bug concerning it is here
>  >

Thanks for your patience Kacper, I feel pretty bad about leaving it so long.

>  Maybe Stephen can tell us what should be modified so that the patch could
>  be submitted in svn...

Well, one of the things meld is used for is three way merging. e.g. mercurial
can spawn meld when it needs human help. One problem with this is that meld
can't return a useful exit status to say whether the merge was successful or
aborted so scripts have to rely on the heuristic that if the merge
file was saved,
everything is ok. This is a bit fragile if you have a complex merge and you want
to save progress!

I'd love to see a "blocking" meld dbus interface which could spawn a diff tab
and wait for the tab to be closed. There could be a "mark resolved" button
or the user could be prompted on close whether the merge succeeded.

Also, I wonder how do dbus apps deal with multiple instances? Does the first one
simply take the dbus connection? I'd like to see some way of communicating with
all instances.


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