Re: Patches to review


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org> wrote:
>  In fact, it's long overdue to expand the development team beyond the the
>  current size of 1 (me). Has anybody any experience of how a project grows
>  from a one-man-shop?

    Some things that worked for w3af are:
        - Increase the amount of users of your tool. More users ==
more contributors
        - Popularize your tool, in my case this was: "present the tool
in every information security conference you can"
        - Sourceforge help wanted system actually works!
        - Ask for contributors in the project main page
        - Be polite and always answer all questions in the mailing
list. Related to that... I sent an email some time ago and it went
un-answered.... ;)

Andres Riancho
Web Application Attack and Audit Framework

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