Re: arch filter button

Hi Chris, thanks for the patch. You're right the list is getting too
long so I've simply combined all the VC filters into one. While I'm at
it, it also sucks that the tooltips are broken on filename filters. I
think it broke when the not-quite binary compatible gtktoolbar api


On 7/21/06, Chris Halls <halls debian org> wrote:
Hi Stephen

Thanks a lot for meld. It has become a part of my essential toolbox. I've
attached a patch to add an arch button to the list of filters. This works the
same as the CVS/SVN buttons, but for arch/baz repositories.

One of the names that must be ignored is {arch}. Since there is no escaping of
metacharacters I used the pattern [{]arch[}], which did the job but you may
have a more elegant way of doing that.

On a related note, the list of version control filters is getting quite long
and taking up more and more space on the toolbar. I wonder whether it would
be better to combine these somehow. It may be enough to have a single button
that applies all version control filters at once. I don't think it is a
common use case to want to see e.g. CVS files but not see SVN files. In any
case, that could be done using a custom filter if a user really needed it.


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