Re: One last bizarre meld example

It's not using much from gnome. Mostly the fileentries (which have to
be looked at anyway as history is broken). Most of the good stuff has
been moved out of the gnome libraries since meld was started so in
theory it wouln't be difficult to make it pure gtk. Though you'll
probably want sourceview (which is part of python-gnome-extras)


On 8/29/06, Jeff Smith <jeff smithicus com> wrote:
Thanks. I'll try that this week. (I'm in the middle of my thesis defence
right now, so have very little time to go digging.) I'll let you know how it
behaves for me after mucking with it.

In a related note, how dependent is meld on the gnome libraries?  The reason
I'm asking is that I'm contemplating switching to Xfce4 instead of gnome as
my desktop system of choice for performance reasons. I'd hate to lose meld
in the transition. (Xfce4 apps are Gtk2+ based.)

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