Re: Local-to-dir mcedit prefs or quick profiles?

On 2/20/17, wwp <subscript free fr> wrote:
I'm using mcedit to edit sources in many projects, some of them have
coding conventions that require [...] and some require [...]

What feature or best practice would you suggest in order to quickly
switch mcedit settings (general editor options) according to the file

You can use mc^2 with a simple snippet like this:

    ui.Editbox.bind("<<load>>", function(edt)

      if edt.filename and edt.filename:find "/projects/lambda/" then
        ui.Editbox.options.tab_size = 4
        ui.Editbox.options.expand_tabs = true
        ui.Editbox.options.tab_size = 8
        ui.Editbox.options.expand_tabs = false


(For documentation, see [1])

(The 'else' case is needed because in MC the editor options are
global, not local to each edit buffer.)

mc^2 also comes with a modeline module (if you decide to use it just
remember to require() it before the snippet above so it doesn't
overwrite your settings).


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