Re: mc Digest, Vol 146, Issue 10

On 14/10/16 15:35, chris glur wrote:
......the presence of very basic defects in the file
management functions.

Please describe some of these.

- copies are made in the disk order, instead of taking the sort order that is chosen for the display - when some of the files are allready on destination, and one choses to skip, their number and volume should be substracted from the total count/size. In that way the estimates mean something. - the move function still copies all, before removing the files, meaning that we gain nothing in volume until all has been copied
- the move function doesn't give an estimate during it's work

I think some of these bugs might have been removed from the latest mc, but I can't find a recent update for Linux Mint. How do you expect feedback from people, if most of them can't get recent releases?

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