Strange problems with mc



I have a question, i have made a script in .bashrc and since then Im having issues when exiting from mc.


1.At first the problem was the script had the name test (){code}

Each time i have exited from mc the script was rulled.


2.Now I have renamed the script to phpininew(){code}

Now the script doesn’t rule anymore but mc exits very hard, it takes couple of minutes to exit.


Can you tell my what can be the problem, what connection has mc with /root/.bashrc ?


Details about mc:


mc -V

GNU Midnight Commander

Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, cpiofs, ftpfs, fish, mcfs, smbfs

With builtin Editor

Using system-installed S-Lang library with terminfo database

With subshell support as default

With support for background operations

With mouse support on xterm and Linux console

With internationalization support

With multiple codepages support

Data types: char 8 int 32 long 64 void * 64 off_t 64 ecs_char 8




Orlando Marton

Technical support

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