Re: mc Digest, Vol 146, Issue 10

On Fri, 14 Oct 2016, Rikishi 42 wrote:

- copies are made in the disk order, instead of taking the sort order
  that is chosen for the display

This could be an interesting feature to implement: if I remember correctly, Volkov Commander did that, and on top, it removed the selection dynamically from the files already copied, so you could literally see how your files float from one directory to another.

- when some of the files are allready on destination, and one choses to
  skip, their number and volume should be substracted from the total
  count/size. In that way the estimates mean something.

I'm not sure why do you think it would mean something, I believe exactly the opposite.

- the move function still copies all, before removing the files, meaning
  that we gain nothing in volume until all has been copied
- the move function doesn't give an estimate during it's work

This is a safety feature introduced by design to make sure that moves are atomic in a sense that nothing is removed before the copy part succeeded.

I think some of these bugs might have been removed from the latest mc, but I can't find a recent update for Linux Mint. How do you expect feedback from people, if most of them can't get recent releases?

There are unofficial Mint-compatible binaries provided on the Binaries page, you just have to figure which Ubuntu / Debian stream corresponds to your Mint release.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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