Re: mc Digest, Vol 119, Issue 7

when I press F4, midnight opens selected file in my editor. This happens
for all files, even for video, mp3, iso image,... This obviously makes
no sense. Is there a way to disable F4 for specified files ?

No! Don't mess up our learned reflexes.
We WANT to see the contents. Altho' F3 -> hex looks deeper.

Is it possible to disable executing an executable when pressed ENTER ?
Then don't press ENTER !!

Here's a non-trivial task for mc-power-users:-
 HOW2 find which workSpace [and if possible <branch/terminal>] has got
 <path> P in some mc.

Eg. a new item arrives, in the 'class' fish, which needs to be handled by the mc
  which is currently allocated to 'fish';
and you suspect there is ALREADY an mc allocated to 'fish'.

lsof | grep fish
 will show only the mc whose ACTIVE-panel is set to fish.

Where's the info re. ALL inactive panels of mc.
 `lsof` still doesn't show which WorkSpace to go to; but at least
you kwow it's somewhere and should not be duplicated.

== Chris Glur.

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