Correct setup for mc bashrc?

Hi all,

I've been trying to get my bash history synced between regular bash terminals and the subshell (ctrl-o) under mc. For some reason it seems PROMPT_COMMAND gets subverted by mc in a subshell. If I manually reset PROMPT_COMMAND in a newly opened subshell I can get it working correctly again (that is, I get commands from the subshell correctly added to my .bash_history file).

In the mc man page I found out about .local/share/mc/bashrc, which should make it possible to make the subshell do stuff when newly opened. Maybe I misread this, and it doesn't work like that, or maybe it needs a special format (other than regular bash commands) or maybe special permissions? Because, whatever I try in there it doesn't work.

Does anyone have a working example of an mc bashrc file? Or maybe a pointer on how to make it work?

Thanks a lot,

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