Re: colors for mcview

On 04/28/2014 11:04 PM, Martin Vegter wrote:

Dear list,

I have created my own skin (color theme) for mc. It seems to me, that
the internal viewer for mc (mcview) is using the default color, i.e. in
my case:


I would like to use black white color for the viewer. Is there any
separate parameter where I can change the color for the viewer only? In
the man page.

After further investigation, it seems to me that in section "viewer" any
colors defined are ignored, and the default colors defined in "core" are
used instead.



Thus in the above example, viewer will still be gray/blue. Is there any
way to tell "mcview" to use different skin than mc, while?

I have (naively) tried adding "-S default", but that does not work:

    View=%view -S default mediainfo %f


I read in man mcview, that mcview can be started with '-b' in black and
white mode. That would be fine for me, but how can i modify my mc.ext,
so that mcview is displayed black/white?

    View=%view{ascii} isoinfo -d -i %f


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