Re: mc to access remote file-system?

* On 2014 04 Jan 00:06 -0600, chris glur wrote:
I've got mc on a X86:PC and on a ARM:rPi,
which are interconnected via an ethernet-cable.

`scp` & `rsync` seem to need me to move between
the hardware.

I'd much prefer to stay seated at the PC, and
have a mc-view of the rPi's file-system.

Can I do that?

I use SSH to make connections to my remote systems.  I use private key
authentication and disable password authentication on the host running
the SSH server (the password is prompted by the local machine to access
the priavte key).  Once logged into the remote system, MC works very
well for local stuff.  As I also use Mutt for mail, I have this system
running tmux and I can connect remotely and access my mail from

How does mc:ftp work?

It can, but it is not secure.  SSH offers "sshfs" which creates a mount
to the remote file system.  I use it to mount my home directory on the
remote host to a directory within my home directory on my local host.
With MC I can just cd into the local mount point and file operations
between the hosts.

All of these connections are done from my normal user account.  When I
need root access on the remote machine I simply use su or sudo through
the SSH link.  I disallow root login on the remote host as well.

And what about running the RPi's `gcc` from the PC?

Yes.  GCC will run on the RPi and display its output through the SSH
link to your local machine.

ssh seems to have a zillion options.

True, but I've only needed a few of them to do what I do.  I can provide
some examples privately if you'd like as that's likely off topic.

- Nate


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