Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 9

]> I do all my coding in mcedit, I usually have about 8 windows with
]> mc opened and copying between them is important to me. I usually use
]> shift-mouse method.

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To copy text from one mcedit instance to another, mark the text via [F3],
copy it to a file (dflt: .mc/cedit/cooledit.clip) via [ctl]+[f], switch
to the other mcedit and load the text via [F15] (maybe [shift]+[F3]). This
will work for all instances of mcedit if run by the same user.

}   In newer versions of "mc" "ctrl f" writes per default into
}                           ~/.local/share/mc/mcedit/mcedit.clip

Yes, but as I previously wrote mousing-is-at-a-more-primitive-level.
You hold-the-data-in-your-hand.
More primitive/instinctive, even if technology brought it later.
Mousing allows you to pick-up-anything, like a baby.
If your car won't start in the morning: too bad - so what.
If you stand up from the chair and, and find that you can't walk,
the loss of that primitive requirement, is much more serious,
and must take precedence over your OO-car.
Copying from one mcedit to another via the clipboard instead of mousing,
is like 2 twitter-kiddies sitting next to each other on the bus, and
emailling/twittering to each other instead of talking-verbally.
And BTW a definite, easy improvement to mcedit, would be the ability to
APPEND [instead of overwrite] to the F9-selected-file.

== Chris Glur.

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