Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 8

}Is it possible to detect shift-mousepress and switch them off
}automatically and after copying switch them on again? Or do it in the
}copy buffer to avoid redrawing of the screen on slow terminals?
Where's the copy-buffer?
=>Something we really need, because 90+% of info is now via http,
and the authors wrap 10 lines in 100-lines of garbage/packaging.
So if you fetch 10 pages of seqentially-ordeed info from a site:
like a book, [I use lynx or links to fetch & append the 'chapters']
you get the garbage/packaging REPEATED 10 TIMES.
We need an 'extention' of search-and-replace:
 to handle at least 50-lines [4'000 bytes],
 preferably with regex-matching.
`diff` which also handles regex and blanks [like a human reader]
has got the algorithms.

With `mcedit`, you can mark & copy the first block of.
garbage/packaging to FileR, and then have a utility to:
`delete all further copies of FileR`.

It seems like a job for `awk`?

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