Re: disable mouse sort order?

That (to me) is the main reason to use the -d... But then I prefer to use
keyboard shortcuts to switch the focus...

I have "jr" aliased to joe -readonly so I use that as a viewer too.
Besides copying, I save blocks into /tmp a lot.

If fvwm has a keyboard shortcut for changing the focus I haven't found
it.  alt-tab is the same as Microsoft Windows, so it might have worked
in fvwm95 which tried to work like Windows 95.

I on the other hand use multiple virtual desktop areas (workspaces some call

FVWM has the same virtual desktops, except only one common wallpaper
for all of them.  Down in the bottom right corner of my screenshot is
the pager, this screenshot was of the upper left pane/page/whatever.
I have mine set to 3x3.

fvwm doesn't have distinct desktops like KDE, you can drag things off
of one onto the next.  The screen flips to where you're going when
your mouse cursor gets to the edge as you're dragging.  Edge scroll
and X's virtual desktops get turned off early.  I use  KDE in Linux.

I try to get that organized, I tend to open the same things in the
same places, but then I get looking something up in a man page and hit
the "see also" section at the bottom, so I pop up more rxvt windows
with more man pages to look up what might be closer to what I'm
looking for.  I often don't want to close the original yet, and some
things I can only find by the "see also" sections of other pages.  In
OpenBSD "man write" gets info on the program that writes to somebody
else's terminal, not writing to a file or device which is usually what
I want, and it's not in the "see also" of the first page.  I haven't
learned the section numbers yet.

And I almost always have my reading glasses on.

Maybe one approach would be to have the window manager consume the
first mouse click in a window when that mouse click is in an unfocused
window.  I wouldn't be surprised if fvwm can be set to do that, in the
window styles, but I haven't looked into it because I just thought of

That sounds to me like it would be a good feature. But if aliasing mc to
the -d option works for you, why bother?

I guess because I'd like to use the mouse for some things in mc like
selecting a file, but be able to lock out other things like the sort
order and whatever it does in the viewer.  Changing the sort order
borders on dangerous to me because I keep looking for something that's
suddenly off screen.


Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

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