Simple mc.ext/bindings extension isn't working...

I'm using mc 4.8.1 (Debian wheezy) and (Debian squeeze), and I
can't seem to get the following to launch in mc:

# xoj
 Open=xournal %f &
 View=xournal %f &

In squeeze, when I hit ENTER the mc window just blinks, but doesn't
launch Xournal.  In wheezy, when I hit ENTER it opens the .xoj file in
more, which again, isn't launching it in Xournal.  I've made sure to
save mc.ext or bindings, exited and restarted mc, and my results don't

I created another extension, and it seems to be OK:

# kdb
 Open=keepassx %f &
 View=keepassx %f &

And it seems to work OK. I can use the shell within mc ("xournal %f",
and it does the right thing), so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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