Re: show current directory in the right panel


I tested it and it doesn't behave as you describe it. Someone
indicated some bugs about it. I'll wait for the next stable release.

I've noticed it seems to store where one window is, the other opens in
the current directory.  I think it also matters how many instances of
mc you've got open and what order they get closed in.  If you've got 4
or 5 open when you shut down it's unpredictable what will happen when
they start up, but until you close one they'll probably all start up
the same that session.

I always cd to /usr before I startx because that's where most stuff
I'm interested in is.  I just tried cd to /usr/lib, made that the
inactive window, closed that mc.  Restart and one window is in /usr
(current directory before x) and the other is in /usr/lib.  The active
side (left or right) starts up the same as I left it.  But it only
stores one directory.  This is with


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