Re: mc Digest, Vol 81, Issue 5

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Yes that would be good, but life is complex.
Because of spam-fear, we have associated this mail-list with gmail,
which handles spam well.
BTW, I'm assuming that this crappy web-based mail is putting line breaks OK.
And gmail's default mode is web-based.
Experimenting to use pop or imap costs effort and each dialup costs me
connection fees. ------------------

Does Fish require full ssh access for file transfer?
This sounds interesting, but I've never had/used a newwork card.
]The FTP File System (ftpfs) allows you to manipulate files on remote machines.
So does it use tcp-ip? And then it would have to access the
'internet stack'? And any 2 PCs which could ppp, even via plip could swap files?

== Chris Glur.

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