Re: Unity redefines F10

[Theodore Kilgore, 2011-04-30]
One of  the reasons the don't bother about keeping the mc keys is that 
they do not put mc in the distro.  Why I have no idea as it is the first 
thing I have to add.

Well, AFAIR the same could be said about several distros, starting with 
Debian (which might account for mc being missing in the default Ubuntu 
install) and, I think, Red Hat as well. Why? I have no idea, either.

yeah, I don't understand why they all do not include mc even in the "<=
200 MiB" installations. The system is not usable without mc after all.
They also should include my favourite $FOO application! What? Other 10
million users didn't even hear about $FOO? Well, that's their problem.
I want my $FOO in default installation because I'm too lazy to prepare
preseed file, put it somewhere on the web and later start the installer
with "url=http://mysever/debian_installer_preseed"; as it requires even
more work than "apt-get install mc" after the installation. Distro
Piotr OÅarowski                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer 
GPG Fingerprint: 1D2F A898 58DA AF62 1786 2DF7 AEF6 F1A2 A745 7645

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