Re: [rant] mc in Ubuntu, unusable!

On Monday 26 October 2009 08:28:42 Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Mon, 2009-10-26 at 07:40 -0500, /dev/rob0 wrote:
I know my Escape-X trick to get to my menus, so the keybindings are
not a showstopper. Esc-9, Configuration (they turned off the internal
edit, for goodness' sake, WHY??)

It's Debian guys. Go bear with them.

Thanks for the reply. What really bewilders me is how/why they
managed to break the ability to save settings! ...

/me is off to search the Launchpad bug database ...

And here it is:
But I still don't understand, because all my Slackware mc's over the
years have always created ~/.mc (it's not in /etc/skel.) And other
software packages in Ubuntu are creating their own dot-directories.

That's the workaround, not the how/why. Still, the how/why is
bothersome. Is it yet another ill-conceived and ill-understood patch
inserted by a clueless Debian maintainer, more of the same crap they
brought us with their openssl fiasco?

(I was personally a victim of that, having had a remote Slackware
server compromised by a Debian user's key.)


The version shipped with Ubuntu ATM has more or less nothing to do with
current master :-) You might try my build from PPA, which will hopefully
soon updated for -pre4:

I didn't see any package for Karmic yet. No, I can't build it myself,
that was the whole point of trying Ubuntu for the netbook anyway, so
ready-made software would be available, an apt-get away. If I'm going
to maintain a build environment for the netbook on a real machine,
that build environment (and the netbook itself) will be Slackware.

Once 4.7.0 is out, you're welcome to bug Ubuntu maintainers to get it in
their repos.

Thanks, but I'm not sure it's worth my time. I'm really fed up with
Debian. They need to learn to leave stuff alone, if they don't
understand how it works.
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