[rant] mc in Ubuntu, unusable!

I've been a happy mc user in Slackware since ~1999. I do all my
editing using mcedit. This year I got a netbook, and while Slackware
would certainly be an option, the idea of having many of the details
already handled for me was appealing. So when I got fed up with the
Asus Xandros, I tried Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic" Netbook Remix.

Many nice things in it, but ugh, what did they do to my beloved mc?

First, I am attempting to use it in GNOME Terminal. Keybindings
conflict. Then I try in Ubuntu's GNU screen(1) wrapper, byobu (which,
I'll admit, is very impressive), and indeed, more keybindings are

I know my Escape-X trick to get to my menus, so the keybindings are
not a showstopper. Esc-9, Configuration (they turned off the internal
edit, for goodness' sake, WHY??) Auto save setup is checked. Esc-9,
Layout, I drop off all the stuff I don't want to see, and what with
netbook screens being so small I dropped off the keybar and mini
status box. Esc 9, Confirmation, got to get rid of that Confirm Exit
thing. Oh, fire up the editor and get rid of Confirm Save too.

Didn't take long, just an annoyance, just this first time, right?

Wrong. The settings don't save! And THAT is a showstopper. Either mc
or Ubuntu will have to go. Given my long history with mc and short
time in Ubuntu, it's not looking good for the latter.

/me is off to search the Launchpad bug database ...
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