Re: missing line drawing in latest freebsd port

Hello again. Has there been any progress with identifying the cause of
this issue and how to resolve it?
Both me (using PuTTY) and a friend (using ) only see blank spaces
where line drawing chars are supposed to be. This affects panels,
dropdown menus and popup boxes. Mode -a only covers the panels and
doesn't look as good as the original. I tried googling for an answer
but the few hits didn't help solve the problem.

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 7:46 PM, Viktor Åtujber <theultramage gmail com> wrote:
Greetings. I come with an issue that has appeared circa 4 weeks ago,
when the freebsd ports 'mc' makefile was extended with UTF-8 support.;r2=1.114;f=h

This modified the mc dependencies, which now require libslang2. But
when using this library, the lines around the navigation panels no
longer appear, instead there are only blank spaces. This makes mc
harder to use.

I asked some bsd people about this, and got a suggestion to remove the
dependency and instead use the previous libslang version. This seems
to work, but the âcharacter is not displayed properly. Also this
change might produce undefined behavior since it's untested.

Therefore I'd like to ask for advice from the professionals here.

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