Re: Behavior of internal search in a file has changed?

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Datum: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 16:07:19 -0500 (CDT)
Betreff: Re: Behavior of internal search in a file has changed?

The exact sequence of commands that you issue to get
the erronous behaviour could be also helpful. Anyway, I've played with
viewer a bit and found out that the said behaviour is exhibited only if
move down by using the arrow keys. If you move down using Page Down it
works as expected.

You could well be correct about this. Let's see ...

Well, the behavior after using PageDown is that "/" used as a search does 
jump backward, but not all the way to the beginning of the file. It seems 
to jump back approximately to where the bottom of the screen was before 
the previous PageDown.

I have also tested now with F7 used as search, and the behavior is 

Are you positive about that ? Please, double check ... I do not get the 
described behavior. If I hit PgDn one or more times the search starts at the begining at the currently 
displayed page. Please, post a simple test file and the steps necessary to reproduce what you see.

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