Re: mc ftp vfs strato

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, me wrote:

seemd more practical - since files in csv are untouched you just can
copy over... well i would'nt do too

It's easier and more comfortable to review patches.

the tar contains the two patches with diff up old new>.patch

I am not very comfortable with your changes to boxes.c.

First of all you should try to keep the patch simple and thus
easier for reading/reviewing. You patch introduces a lot of
comments, which are not related to what you want to achieve, and
thus make the patch harder to read. Also you also should not use
C++ comments.

Even if the patch was good I am still not sure that it has to
be included. The "Virtual File System Setting" dialog is currently
being abused, IMO. Almost all of the settings which are controlled
by it are related to the FTP vfs. IMO, the FTP settings should go
to another dialog or be grouped in something like "FTP settings".
Perhaps, other people would share their thoughts...

is it possible to svn/cvs? - would save me from copying  *.org files
to the source tree

Yes. Read here:

P.S. I'll need your name for the changelog entris.

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