Re: mc ftp vfs strato

thanks - works too (in 2005-09-25-14)
should be a option in vfs setting since ~/.mc/ini cannot be edited with mcedit
removed my patch and did create a settings option instead - i cannot
check the side effects - the dialog seems dissorted, but i cannot
figure what happens - maybe this stays a quick fix for me....

would it be rather nessesary to define this option per ftp server -
how could one archive that?


me skylla /data/develop/mc/mc-2006-09-25-14/src $ diff boxes.c
< static int ret_ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls;
< { quick_checkbox,  4, VFSX, 13, VFSY, N_("Use CWD before LIST"), 0, 0,
<       &ret_ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls, 0, NULL },
<     ret_ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls = ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls;
<       ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls = ret_ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls;

On 10/9/06, Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov gmx net> wrote:
On Mon, 9 Oct 2006, me wrote:

> i had trouble to use strato (large german webhoster) with the current
> code of vfs so i hacked the source and did CWD path instead of LIST
> -la path - this helped for my special case and will continue to work
> until i rebuild mc next time.
> is there any option i could use to enable/disable the cwd usage?
> is this tripple sock = ...  used like the creator thought?

Try setting "ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls" in your ~/.mc/ini file.

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