Re: mc ftp vfs strato

Sadly, this is not the only option which needs more exposure :( There
are many options which lack a GUI and are not documented.

name them (as much as you like) now that i know what i am doing it
should be very fast in the tree

You have to modify the VFSX and VFSY macros...
well it wasn't that simple - took several hours to figure out, why the
boxes were empty and what these offset (VFS_WIDGETBASE) means

because i knew where to search i found use-unix-list-options and
ftp_retry and a bug, that use_passive_mode_over_proxy was not stored
in ini

therefore two files are attached hopefully i find them in one of the
next snapshots :)

> would it be rather nessesary to define this option per ftp server -
> how could one archive that?

I think it makes sense. To achieve that we would need a new configuration
file to keep track of connection settings. Of couse the connection
dialog box should be changed accordingly.

too complicated right now - there is no real 'setup' for various vfs
connections since they are done as cd /#  implementing a feature like
totalcommander would be too much rigth now
hacking ~/.netrc would be my personal favorite - but as i read it is
rather used for macros than to setup connections.
couldn't we use a comment in this file to configure the cwdbeforelist
and unixlist options in mc?


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