Re: Little Translation HOWTO (was: Translators wanted)

Hello Roland,

On Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:32:07 +0200 Roland Illig <roland illig gmx de> wrote:

Dear translators,

I got some mails that we got some translators who haven't done any 
translation before. This mail contains some basic instructions that may 
help you translating.

First, you need to download your translation file from 

Open it with a text editor of your choice or a specialized translation 
editor (For example, I am using poedit for it.)

poedit 1.3.3 just corrupted the fr.po I was working on: it seems to dislike
plural forms or at least the one related to: (%ld block).
And I couldn't download the newest 1.3.4 yet, issues, switched back to
kbabel, yuk :-\.



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