Re: mc vs UTF-8 in Fedora Core 3

Hello Leonard,

On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 23:55:09 +0200 Leonard den Ottolander
<leonard den ottolander nl> wrote:

Hello wwp,

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 18:23, wwp wrote:
Hmm just tried w/ vanilla 4.6.1-pre1 tarball and everything is fine w/ my
UTF-8 locale and accented files. I think that will keep that one :-D.
Thanks for your help!

Would you be so kind to investigate a little further and let us know
where the breakage you see gets introduced? And is it caused by changes
in the vanilla tarball or by changes in the utf8 patches? Any difference
between 4_6_1_PRE and HEAD?

How can I get HEAD tarballs? Or should I checkout from cvs? Is there a note
about how to perform this?

Oh BTW, it seems that FC3's mc-4.6.1-0.12.FC3 is based on 4.6.1-pre3 as I
could see here: and on many
places reported by google. So the difference is the patches applied for this
FC3 build? Isn't it the minimal diff that you were asking for?

* Tue Feb 01 2005 Jindrich Novy  4.6.1-0.12.FC3

- update to the latest release candidate mc-4.6.1-pre3
- drop BuildRequires gettext-devel
- merged all UTF-8 related patches to single .utf8 patch
- add patch to fix mc logo in help
- rewrote mbstrlen() in utf8 patch, this fixes:
- dir name truncation in command prompt for ja_JP, ko_KR locales (#142706)
- localized texts will fit dialog windows and pull-down menus - tweak create_menu()
- dialog titles are centered correctly
- convert hints for ru, uk, zh, man page conversion fix



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