Re: How to open 800Mb file

Try kate, kedit o gedit if you can, they usually work well on large files

I think whenever  mc is not compiled with largefile io you get nothing 
incresing buffer as file offsets need  be 32/64 bit long to navigate over 

El Lunes, 17 de Mayo de 2004 22:06, Slawomir Orlowski escribió:
Please somebody help me, I have corrupted Inbox file (very big one 800Mb)
and I need to open it (possibly with mc), but during opening "F4" I'm
getting message:
"File is too large: Inbox
increase edit.h:MAXBUF and recompile the editor.
I have found MAXBUFF variable in edit-widget.h changed it form 1024 to
102400 but it did not work.
So what, where and to what value change to be able to open and edit by hand
corrupted 800Mb file.
I would appreciate any help.

Best regards
Slawomir Orlowski

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