Re: How to open 800Mb file

It's not that large, I saved all my work mails since 5 years, and
they're all structured
by year........
all years size are between 500 meg and 1go...

may I suggest to the original poster to install netscape navigator 4.78
and to
copy or link his Inbox into the navigator folder on the original Inbox
file netscape just created ????
thus netscape will rebuild the corrupted index.......
it's sad but netscape collabra is the best mail program to deal with
heavy mail box, it's also the fastest one (far away from mozilla and


Paul Miller wrote:

I'd guess that mutt could open it.

But who knows.  That's ridiculous large.  What format is it

On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 10:00:03AM -0400, Peter Masiar wrote:
Slawomir Orlowski wrote:

Please somebody help me, I have corrupted Inbox file (very big one 800Mb)
and I need to open it (possibly with mc), but during opening "F4" I'm
getting message:
"File is too large: Inbox
increase edit.h:MAXBUF and recompile the editor.

Maybe you try another editor.
I heard kate should be able to open huge files.
Close all other applications - 800MB is a lot :-)


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