Re: VFS for afio

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Thorsten Steinbrenner wrote:

Yes, I know. But that seems to work only for uncompressed ASCII afio
archives (-Z option within afio). So I fired up vi and used Stas
Maximov's ucpio script as a basis for my uafio script:
Yes, I know it's ugly... ;-) But it seems to work - at least a bit. It
is possible to view a afio archive. It is also possible to copyout a
file. But there are still two problems with that script:

1. It is not possible to view a file within the archive (F3 button).
    What happens is that mc only shows part of the file?!? Why?

Perhaps the file length is reported incorrectly.

2. "uafio list" seems to produce correct output for mc. But still the
     time always shows up as "00.00". Why?

I don't know.  It works for me properly with CVS mc.

Pavel Roskin

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