Re: Dumb question.

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, ch p wrote:

I apologize for the question I am about to make: Is there a way to make
mc use tab for filename completion instead of alt+tab, which my wm
catches when on X, and esc+tab, which is... better than nothing, but
still not great? Learn keys won't accept tab instead of M+tab.

Thanks, and sorry again if this just isn't the right channel for the

It is the right place, except that it doesn't seem that there are many
people willing to help.  Maybe because of your choice of the subject.
Who wants to answer dumb questions?  Or maybe because your question is
answered in FAQ:

2.8 How do I change the key bindings?

   There is no generic way to reconfigure the key bindings.  You can use
   the "Learn Keys" dialog to assign keys to some actions listed in that
   dialog.  However, most actions cannot be redefined to use different

That said, you can hack the code to fix it.  The panels are widgets, and
Tab switches between them.  Use DLG_WANT_TAB flag when creating main
dialog in do_nc().  Now you get Tab in panels.  You can now change the
hardcoded key assignments to process Tab like Alt-Tab.  See input_map in
src/widget.c.  Don't forget to assign some other key to change the active

Pavel Roskin

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