Re: VFS for afio

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Thorsten Steinbrenner wrote:

Is there a way I can add a VFS for afio files? I tried to put the
following into mc.ext, but that is not enough:

         Open=%cd %p#uafio
         View=%view{ascii} cat '%f' | afio -tv -
         Extract=cat '%f' | afio -iZ -

I'm using GNU MC 4.5.55 on a Debian Woody box.

You didn't describe the effect of the changes.  "Extract" has no effect
because it not a standard command.  "Open" affects pressing Enter on the
file.  View affects viewing by F3.

It's recommended that you use "Command->Edit extension file" in the menu
instead of editing mc.ext.

Pavel Roskin

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