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On Tue, 24 Sep 2003, A.J. Bonnema wrote:

Ok, this is my ignorance, checking the properties it turned out to be a
gnome-terminal all te time.  Actually, it is gnome-terminal that has the
problem. I started an xterm using a gnome-terminal and the problem was
gone. I don't know how to start an rxvt, but it seems possible to be
just a gnome-terminal problem.

Does this help?

Yes.  I can reproduce the problem on gnome-terminal, but only
intermittently and only when logged is as root.  At least we know that the
problem is not in mc itself.

It's possible to put the cursor to the bottom, but we'll put at
disadvantage users who don't have this problem.

I agree. This is not desirable. Besides, the obvious, temporary
solution, until the problem in gnome-terminal is found, is to use rxvt
or xterm instead.


Do you know of any disadvantages of using xterm in stead of gnome-term?

No.  The only thing you are losing is the GUI for setup.  Once you set up
xterm the way you want, you only get advantages (like working Ctrl-PgUp),
as far as I know.

Anyway, thanks very much for the help so far. It seems like the problem
is localized to gnome-terminal. Maybe someone can rxvt (cause I don't
know how to start it)?

Actually, it's not included with Red Hat 9, but you can get it from

It used less memory than xterm, but it doesn't have some features,
such as antialiasing support.

Pavel Roskin

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