Installation MC


I meet a problem trying to install MidnightCommander 4.6.0 on SuSE LINUX 
Personal 8.2. I 'cd' to the right directory in the console, but permission is 
denied as you can see in the attachment. Can you help me out?

.  ..  MidnightCommander-4.6.0.tar.gz  mc-4.6.0  tomsrtbt-2.0.103.tar.gz
linux:~/Download # cd mc-4.6.0
linux:~/Download/mc-4.6.0 # ls
.          COPYING    INSTALL.FAST  NEWS        acinclude.m4  configure     extraconf.h  mc.spec     slang
..         ChangeLog  MAINTAINERS   README      aclocal.m4  intl  src
ABOUT-NLS  FAQ   README.PC   config        doc           lib          pc          syntax
AUTHORS    INSTALL   README.QNX   edit          m4           po          vfs
linux:~/Download/mc-4.6.0 # ./INSTALL
bash: ./INSTALL: Permission denied
linux:~/Download/mc-4.6.0 #

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