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Sorry, I accidentilly sent this to Pavel, privately..... So, I'll resend
it to the list.

Guus Bonnema.

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To: Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org>
Subject: Re: Clearing the screen was: Re: ShortCut for findNext in Mcedit
Date: 23 Sep 2003 17:05:16 +0200

On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 07:51, Pavel Roskin wrote:
On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, A.J. Bonnema wrote:

On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 15:08, sting sting wrote:

2) when exiting from mc in rh9 , we do not return to the bottom of
screen (as it was in previous version of RH), but you return to the
middle of a the text lines of the prompt, and you better do perform
"clear" to know where you are.

Is there a workaround ?

Yes, I find this annoying too. Can this be (easily) fixed?

It seems to me that people who can observe it have a problem describing
their environment.  On the other hand, people who can fix it have a
problem reproducing the bug.

Hi Pavel,

I am most embarased, but I don't know how to make a screenprint. From an
xterm........ I use Gnome and RH 9.0.

The MC I use is (redirection to a file I understand ;-):

GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0
Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, cpiofs, ftpfs, fish, undelfs
With builtin Editor
Using system-installed S-Lang library with terminfo database
With subshell support as default
With support for background operations
With mouse support on xterm and Linux console
With support for X11 events
With internationalization support

As soon as I have found how to make a screen print I will send one.

The problem is, that after closing mc the commandline is obscured by
whatever is already on the screen. 

A.J. Bonnema <abonnema xs4all nl>
A.J. Bonnema <abonnema xs4all nl>

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