Re: ShortCut for findNext in Mcedit

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003, sting sting wrote:

1) I am using MidnightCommander on RH 9 .

when I am editing/viewing files after pressing the F4 button , I have
the following problem:

I want to perform search for a word. I press the F7 button and enter the
phrase; Now , I want to find the next occurrence of the phrase;
according to the menu (Search/Repl) , the shortcut is F17. But my
keyboard is a standard 101 and does not have the F17 button . So I have
to press again F7 and enter , and so forth... Is there a workaround so I
can perform "search next" by pressing a button ?

FAQ, question 2.3.

2) when exiting from mc in rh9 , we do not return to the bottom of
screen (as it was in previous version of RH), but you return to the
middle of a the text lines of the prompt, and you better do perform
"clear" to know where you are.

You didn't give any information about your terminal and your version of
mc.  Please see this document:

I'm using CVS mc on xterm 179 and what I see matches your description more
of less (although I always know "where I am"), but I don't see any problem
with it.  Maybe you should post a screenshot (please compress it below
20k) if you think that what your are seeing is really ugly and you cannot
describe it by words.

Of course you can write a wrapper around mc to run "clear" on exit.

Pavel Roskin

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