ShortCut for findNext in Mcedit

Hello ,

1) I am using MidnightCommander on RH 9 .

when I am editing/viewing files after pressing the  F4 button , I have the
following problem:

I want to perform search for a word.
I press the F7 button and enter the phrase;
Now , I want to find the next occurrence of the phrase;
according to the menu (Search/Repl) , the shortcut is F17.
But my keyboard is a standard 101 and does not have the F17 button .
So I have to press again F7 and enter , and so forth...
Is there a  workaround so I can perform "search next" by pressing a button ?

2) when exiting from mc in rh9 , we do not return to the bottom of screen (as it was
in previous version of RH), but you return to the middle of a
the text lines of the prompt, and you better do perform "clear" to
know where you are.

Is there a workaround ?


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