Re: color problem on Debian with xterm (putty) at end of lines

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Alexander Varakin wrote:

I have similar problem on Solaris 8 (directories are black, selected
files keep the original color) , but no problem on AIX and HP-UX. I am
using the same *.ti file on all platforms. This problem started recently
- March 2002 snapshot was OK, 4.6.0 has this problem.

March 2002 is now "recently".  In terms of releases, maybe.

The internal S-Lang library was updated in October 2002.

I don't think it's related to "bce", but you can recompile the terminal 
definition without it.  If you create ~/.terminfo, the recompiled 
definition will go there.

mkdir ~/.terminfo
infocmp | sed s/bce,// >xterm.ti
tic xterm.ti

I am using xterm of Cygwin port of XFree86, the same problem also exists
with Reflection X.

Then you have a real xterm, not a clone, so the problem is different.  It
may be hard to figure out.  Try to find if mc outputs different sequences
or they are displayed differently.  Find which sequences are different and
identify them.  Find where S-Lang generates them.  Then maybe you'll
understand the problem.

Pavel Roskin

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