Re: color problem on Debian with xterm (putty) at end of lines

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Myron Turner wrote:

It's fixed in the current development version of putty.  If you don't
want to upgrade, select "background color erase" in the putty

I haven't had any success with this problem.  I have the latest putty, 
and even if I check background color erase, it still doesn't work.
I just knuck under and use the mc color for my background color, 
when I'm on my Red hat 8 trminal.

I installed the latest Wine and got the current build of putty, and I see
that "background color erase" is on by default (it was off in older
versions).  The internal editor looks correctly if that option is on and
incorrectly if it's off.  TERM is "xterm", infocmp shows that "bce" is
present in the terminal definition.

If you have different results with the current snapshot of putty, please
report to the putty developers.

Pavel Roskin

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