Double paths in MC's command line widget

I'm new to this list, so I don't know if this has already come up:

I'm currently using MC version 4.6.0, and I noticed that this version shows the current path twice in the command line widget. I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this 'feature', or any keywords in the ini file. I didn't have much luck either searching the source code for the function that builds the text for the path.

The reason why I dislike this feature is that, with long paths, it leaves very little room on the command line to see what I'm typing. I use the Alt+P/N keys a lot to move through history, and I almost always need to scroll around the commands just to identify them.

So my question is: how can I get rid of one of the paths? Is it a config/code change thing? I already noticed it doesn't show the path twice when I'm logged in as root.


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