Repository transfer complete


The repository of GNU Midnight Commander has been moved to Savannah.

If you need anonymous access, the new CVSROOT is
:pserver:anoncvs subversions gnu org:/cvsroot/
The password is empty and you don't need to log in.

If you have an account on Savannah and you are the project member, the new
CVSROOT is :ext:USERNAME subversions gnu org:/cvsroot/mc where USERNAME is
your Savannah user name.

If you need write access, please resister on and give me
your login name.

All the files on the repository will be removed shortly.  It
takes time to download the whole project over a slow connection, so if
that's a concern for you, please make sure to switch to the new
repository before all files in the mc directory disappear.

You can use cvschroot from CVS Utilities
to change CVSROOT.  Don't run "CVS update" until you have changed CVSROOT.

Pavel Roskin

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