Re: Double paths in MC's command line widget

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Joseph Tweed wrote:

I'm currently using MC version 4.6.0, and I noticed that this version
shows the current path twice in the command line widget. I couldn't find
anything in the documentation about this 'feature', or any keywords in
the ini file. I didn't have much luck either searching the source code
for the function that builds the text for the path.

It must be a bug or something wrong in your configuration that the old
versions of mc treated differently.  It's certainly wasn't intentional to
show the prompt twice.

So my question is: how can I get rid of one of the paths? Is it a
config/code change thing? I already noticed it doesn't show the path
twice when I'm logged in as root.

Try changing PS1 environment variable.  I guess it draws the prompt in
two places (e.g. in the command line and in the title).

Your report lacks some important information, such as your OS and
terminal.  This document may be useful for you:

Pavel Roskin

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