Re: MC doesn't give a subshell for normal users

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 01:49:12PM +0400, ?????? ???????? wrote:
As for the subshell problem, I think it's a problem with pseudoterminals.
I suggest that you use UNIX98 pseudoterminals and mount /dev/pts.  Make
Thanx. In my system /dev/pts was not mounted, but was just a directory of 

I believe you are the first person ever who reported "Not an xterm or
Linux console" on Linux.
Rather strange situation, isn't it?
Actually it's very difficult to find someone than _do not_ mount
/dev/pts on Linux. Many GNU/Linux apps rely on it.
"Knowledge is knowing a street is one way.
Wisdom is still looking in both directions."

Marco Ciampa

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