Re: Mc digest, Vol 1 #334 - 2 msgs

No, I don't know of any (but I'll search for the 'pweb' string which might 
lead somewhere...)

I checked my ISP's legal agreement stuff, and they forbid me from giving out 
my account information (otherwise I'd be happy to give you my login info, 
which otherwise would be a possible next-step since this is apparently a rare 

I'm _really_ prepared to help in any way I can, so as alternatives how about 
me running some test code for you?  I'm comfortable with sockets programming, 
C, Python etc.  Can you suggest a test-app that I run here, to get more 
information from my ISP's FTP server?  I have CVS set up, so I could get the 
latest MC source and run some patches, if that seems reasonable to you.

Let me know if any of these ideas are workable.


On January 30, 2003 12:01 pm, mc-request gnome org wrote:

Do you know any such public available ftr-servers with anonimous logins?

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