Re: Hiya there (xbox)

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, Paul Miller wrote:

versions are the same.  Also, a log file generated by "mc -l log" would be
I will generate a log tonight.

The log is attached.  In this case, you'll see the effects
of the non-abosolute LIST.  It really only works for the
relative path...

So, it would really have to CD (or CWD or whatever) into /F/
in order to list it.

Thank you for the log.

There is a completely undocumented option ftpfs_first_cd_then_ls in
~/.mc/ini.  Set it to 1 and see if it helps.  If you have "auto save
setup" enabled under Options->Configuration, you'll have to turn it off
temporarily or use an editor other that mcedit.

There is some code in vfs/ftpfs.c that is supposed to detect such
situations that switch to the "cd first" mode.  Apparently this code is
not working properly for you because the XBOX doesn't report an error.

Pavel Roskin

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