Re: Hiya there (xbox)

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Paul Miller wrote:

I can't get mc to ftp to the thing because ls doesn't work, only ls -al
-- and worse, you can only ls the curdir.  Also, cd-ing is a little
counter intuative (relative paths only). I can ncftp all over the box,
but I have to be smart and use working commands.

You forgot the version of GNU Midnight Commander.  It's not like all
versions are the same.  Also, a log file generated by "mc -l log" would be

I tried to build an extfs perl module to read the dir structure and use
Net::FTP to transfer and list things. This actually works!  But it's so
unbelievably slow it hurts my feelings -- since you have to read the
entire dir tree to use this method.

I agree.  extfs is not suited for FTP.

Pavel Roskin

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