Hiya there (xbox)


This list doesn't seem to generate a lot of traffic.  I was
going to wait until I saw some noise before I chirped in,
but it's been a couple days.  Sorry in advance for babbling.


So, I got myself a modded xbox.  The features of the system
are endless.  It's a riot.  One of the coolest things is the
ability to play back nearly any kind of video file.  You
simply ftp them over and watch all the episodes of Hikaru No
Go you can stand.  


The ftpd built into evox (the "os") is very limited.  The
ftpd built into xmbp (the cool video player) is also

What hasn't worked,

I can't get mc to ftp to the thing because ls doesn't work,
only ls -al -- and worse, you can only ls the curdir.  Also,
cd-ing is a little counter intuative (relative paths only).
I can ncftp all over the box, but I have to be smart and use
working commands.

I tried to build an extfs perl module to read the dir
structure and use Net::FTP to transfer and list things.
This actually works!  But it's so unbelievably slow it hurts
my feelings -- since you have to read the entire dir tree to
use this method.


I've started work on an ftp proxy that would fake a greater
command set... but I lost all interest in the project.
Tips?  Suggestions?

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