2 Qs: Ctrl-O and Alt-O

Hello everybody:

I do really enjoy using mc.  I have only two questions
thus I think there is no sense to subscribe to the
mailing list.  So,

1. In mc-4.6, Alt-O (or, M-O) works in another way in
comparison with mc-4.5.xx.  Is it possible to compile
(or configure) mc-4.6 so that it restores the old-style
behavior of Alt-O?  

2. I've noticed that mc's behavior in console differs in
different distros.  Namely, in Slackware Ctrl-O for root
shows the screen as it is, i.e., with all previous output.
For an ordinary user, Ctrl-O shows just a blank screen.
In RH, Ctrl-O acts in the same manner for everybody
(like root's mc in Slackware).  I use Slackware but
cannot figure out how to enable the root-like behavior
of mc in console :(  

Any ideas will be highly appreciated!


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