Re: control left/right in terminal

Pavel Roskin wrote:


On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Nehal wrote:

not for me it doesn't, in konsole it doesn't output
'd' or 'c', but it acts like you are not pressing
ctrl at all, ie, it moves the cursor by one space always

what could be wrong?

Maybe your mc doesn't have X11 support enabled.  It it enabled by default
in version 4.6.0, but not in the older versions.

ok i 'learned' like you said, now pressing ctrl-left doesnt output
'd' but just moves the cursor left like in konsole...
(im sure it's the same reason that it doesnt work in konsole now)

Yes, it's the same reason.

ok i recompiled with only './configure --prefix=/usr' and
it worked ... i checked slackware source and mc was
compiled with --with-x=no  .. my guess is so that non-X
users can use it...

anyways it works now... i have to learn keys for rxvt,
but it works perfectly.... thankyou


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